Render by Infinity Partnership

Ames Ave, Carnegie

The development consists of 12 two-storey dwellings which replaced two original dwellings on the site. The provision of this density of housing helps to contribute to housing diversity in Carnegie in accordance with Council’s housing policy. The tiled pitched roof and brick and weatherboard materials aim to tie the new development into the existing neighbourhood character. The project provides medium density housing that integrates positively in to the existing streetscape. (Construction completed April 2019)

Photo by Hansen Living

Park Road, Sorrento

This development consists of two new contemporary homes on one subdivided lot near Sorrento Back Beach. The dwellings are of weatherboard construction with pitched roofs and muted tones to complement the surrounding coastal area. Both dwellings successfully integrate with the streetscape and responds appropriately to the natural land form.  (Construction completed December 2018)

Render by Sgourakis Architects

Queens Road, Sorrento

This double storey dwelling is a bold contemporary building in Sorrento. Due to the steep topography the design had to carefully respond to this site constraint. It incorporates a carefully considered mix of materials and finishes to complement the coastal location, and retains several indigenous trees with a new detailed planting schedule to maintain and enhance the vegetated character of the area. (Approval granted July 2019)

Render by Chamberlain Architects

Page Street, Middle Park

A new double-storey dwelling in a Heritage Overlay. A bold contemporary design which has a sculpted angled roof that references the pitched roofs within the surrounding streetscape. The design is respectful to the neighbourhood character, but presents a distinctly contemporary building to the streetscape. (Approval granted in March of 2019)

Render by Nicholas Murray Architects

Dinsdale Street, Albert Park

The development of two, two-storey dwellings within a heritage overlay. The proposal has been sensitively designed to take elements from the heritage character of the surrounds to ensure the proposal sits comfortably within the streetscape. The mirrored design is a contemporary interpretation of a pair of two-storey terraces, and uses red brick and dark tones to reference the colour palate of the surrounding buildings. It provides a sensitive design response for a new infill development within a heritage area. (Construction commenced August 2019)

Render by Chamberlain Architects

Dalgety Street, St Kilda

The development of a three storey building comprising 7 dwellings with roof terraces within a heritage overlay. The building maintains the townhouse front presentation of the surrounding buildings to compliment the character of the area.  The corner site means it is designed to respond to its diverse street frontages in sympathetic ways to ensure it integrates well into the site context. (Approval granted July 2019)

Render by Brayshaw Architects

Worthing Road, Highett

Urban Edge Consultants was engaged by Highett Grove Pty Ltd to seek planning approval for the development of fifteen apartments at Worthing Road, Highett. The proposal is designed in order to diversify housing supply in the area whilst still maintaining its leafy neighbourhood character. Construction commenced in September 2018 with estimated completion for late 2019.

Designed by Brayshaw Architects

Barrett Street, Cheltenham

This contemporary multi-unit development in the City of Kingston consists of 10 townhouses of both 2 and 3 storeys. The development incorporates several environmentally sustainable design features, including roof mounted solar panels for common area lighting and services, rainwater storage tank for rainwater harvesting, cycling facilities to reduce demand on car transport while promoting an active and cost effective transportation option, and a dedicated recycling waste storage area.